07 October 2022

Why should we regularly give for charity?

Giving back to society has long been valued in different cultures all over the world. Donating to the charities that support the causes you care about is not only beneficial to the organisations themselves, but it can also be extremely fulfilling for you personally.

There are many charities that support those who are living in poverty, fight for environmental protection, care for needy animals, or address other global or local issues. These charities depend on our support to carry out their selfless work.

Did you know that many widely practised religions have their roots in acts of selflessness? For example, the Zakat custom in Islam, where donors typically give 2.5% of their total wealth every year; the tithing custom in Christianity and Judaism, where donors typically give 10% of their income; and the Dana custom in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, generally encourage generosity and charity in every aspect of life.

So why is it so rewarding to donate to charities?

Here are some excellent reasons that can all inspire us to make a charitable donation.

  • Ensures that life has purpose and happiness

Helping others makes you feel good and is a powerful mood enhancer. Being able to help others gives you a tremendous sense of empowerment. According to research, there is a connection between giving to charity and increased activity in the pleasure-registering region of the brain, demonstrating that the proverb “it is better to give than to receive” is true.

  • Provides a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude

It can be easy to forget to express your gratitude for everything you have in this fast-paced, busy life. There are many charities in India that support “N” number of causes.  These charitable organisations make us take a moment to pause and observe our surroundings. The act of charity donation is a way for us to show our gratitude and serves to remind us of all that we have.

  • Charity donations in any form have a greater impact

Every donation matters, regardless of how much you are able to contribute, whether it is a one-time donation, a recurring donation, or a part of a fundraising event. Each donation helps charities get to work and make a difference because they add up over time. So what if you don’t have much additional money? You can always volunteer for a charity in India by giving your valuable time.

  • Encourage generosity in your kids

An essential life lesson is to instil compassion in children. Your children will undoubtedly catch your enthusiasm for contributing to society. They will learn from you and grow up believing that helping others is the right thing to do. When you go on a charity donation drive with friends and family, it serves as a chance for connection and closeness.

  • Enjoy some additional tax reductions.

You may be able to save money on your taxes by making a donation to a charity. A tax receipt for your donation will be provided if it is made to an Indian charity that is registered. Tax deductions for donations are provided by Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, and these deductions may be made when filing an ITR (Income Tax Return).

We all need to contribute in whatever way we can if we want to make the world a better place for everyone. Perhaps you could do that by giving your time or skills to a cause you believe in, or you could do something as simple as showing kindness to people you encounter on a daily basis.