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Skill Development

Narayan Seva Sansthan (NGO) has established a centre called the “Narayan Shala” for training and skill development. We want to help people by imparting the best skills and trainings helping them become self-dependent and build a quality life and a safe future. More than 3,206 people have been benefitted through Narayan Shala.

Our Values

    • Free & Accessible Learning for the Needy.
    • Achieving Social Change.
    • Quality & innovative Learning & Training.

All courses are provided for free and are a significant value add for their lives, giving them the confidence to achieve their aims.


The benefits of learning from “Narayanshala” are


Many people have the talent but do not have the right guidance for making money using their talent. For monetising your skills, all you need is professional guidance from someone who can mentor you and guide you to success. There is a lot of future scope of learning from Narayan Shala, including:

Learn to build and grow your own business.
Merit students get referred to well known employers in the industry.
Get certified by the best in the industry.
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Skill Development

Even today in India, hundreds and thousands of people are unemployed. Not because they are unwilling, but simply because they either lack the skills or knowledge to find opportunities for gainful employment. The underprivileged and specially-abled people from the weaker sections of society, in many cases, do not have the financial means to support their growth and in turn securing their future. In fact, for many, the only thing stopping them is a simple lack of training, through which they may hone their natural talents and capabilities, directing them into making a living for themselves.

NGO for Skill Development

Narayan Seva Sansthan, dedicated towards helping uplift society through various initiatives including skill development, in an NGO that provides just the platform the underprivileged need. Our NGO offers skill development programmes in various sectors through our vocational training centre, Narayan Shala, where we ensure that the specially-abled and financially challenged have the opportunity to develop the skills and mindset they need to find a good, paying job or to even start their own business.

Skill Development: Working for India’s Growth

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

– Lao Tzu

We have been working for skill development because we understand how important the right training and skills can not only help those in need find good job opportunities, but it can also help in sustaining the momentum, propelling them towards significant growth in terms of livelihood. We offer several free-of-cost training programs to the underprivileged, along with helping and supporting them in generating business ideas, encouraging and supporting their entrepreneurial spirit.

Making a donation for the skill development of these individuals is not about a handout. We put in the time and help mould their lives and talents, nurturing their ability to support their own future.


The working programs for skill development that we offer free-of-cost for better employability include:

Computer Training

To help the underprivileged and Divyang individuals, specifically those who have undergone treatment at our NGO, get ready for the modern world, we provide a basic computer training course for skill development. Our NGO covers basic knowledge about computers, navigating the hardware, important operating systems, MS Office, typing, and other aspects regarding computers under this course.

Mobile Repair

This training course is designed to enable students to become technically sound with their mobile repairing skills. All key topics like the basic electronic components of a mobile phone, mobile communication, the study of integrated circuits, assembling and disassembling cell phones, troubleshooting issues, etc. are covered in the course. After completion, individuals can look for employment in the sector or they can even open up their own mobile repair shops.

Sewing and Stitching

For skill development, our NGO also offers free training for sewing and stitching to people from the marginalised sections of society. The course is designed to help individuals better their stitching and tailoring skills. Additionally, to further support their endeavours in the future, they are also provided with sewing machines on behalf of our organisation, free-of-cost, once they have finished their training.

Making a Donation for Our Skill Development Programmes

No matter how small or big, every donation for our skill development programmes takes us further on our path of ensuring that no person in need maya ever again have to suffer just because they lack the means to learn. We want to arm the weaker sections of our society with the necessary skills and training, upon which they can build your own lives.

Make a donation for skill development, volunteer, or show your support. Every thought and every effort counts!