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Skill Development

Narayan Seva Sansthan (NGO) has established a centre called the “Narayan Shala” for training and skill development. We want to help people by imparting the best skills and trainings helping them become self-dependent and build a quality life and a safe future. More than 3,093 people have been benefitted through Narayan Shala.

Our Values

    • Free & Accessible Learning
      for the Needy.
    • Achieving Social Change.
    • Quality & innovative
      Learning & Training.

All courses are provided for free and are a significant value add for their lives, giving them the confidence to achieve their aims.


The benefits of learning from “Narayanshala” are


Many people have the talent but do not have the right guidance for making money using their talent. For monetising your skills, all you need is professional guidance from someone who can mentor you and guide you to success. There is a lot of future scope of learning from Narayan Shala, including:

Learn to build and
grow your own business.
Merit students get referred to well
known employers in the industry.
Get certified by the
best in the industry.
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