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Success Story : Rekha

Rekha, a resident of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, was a victim of disability since birth. It was very difficult to walk due to crookedness and twitching in both the toes. Seeing her condition, the parents were very worried about the future, what would happen to her? Her parents got her treated a lot in nearby hospitals and Ayurvedic methods but to no avail. Rekha turned twenty-six years old with the pain of congenital disability, but no cure was possible from anywhere.

Then one day she came to know about Narayan Seva Sansthan from somewhere and then she came here. Here, the doctors examined her and operated on her in 2021. Now she can walk comfortably. With a passion to learn and do something, Rekha joined the sansthan’s free computer course. Due to which she has learned a lot and now she has become self-reliant and does good work diligently. Now she is living her life well and is very grateful to the Sansthan family.