02 November 2022

Why help poor people?

India is one of the fastest growing economies in 2022 with a growth rate of 11.5%. However, poverty is still one of the biggest challenges that the country faces. 

The problem of poverty has existed in the country0 for many years and in order to eradicate it, many governmental and non-governmental organisations come up with various schemes and programs.

Apart from organisations, even money donations, in kind donations and help donations from individuals to either organisations or directly to the underprivileged, have helped a lot in lowering the poverty rates. 

However, the question that arises here is why should one help poor people? 

Here are some of the reasons to help the underprivileged-

Poverty means lack of opportunities 

Poverty not only signifies lack of access to basic amenities to the weaker sections, but also, indicates lack of opportunities provided to them. Due to little or no opportunity provided, many underprivileged talents in the country are not even discovered. 

However, if you, as an individual, can provide some help to these talents, they might lead a much greater and better life in future.

Poverty can increase crime rates

With no way to lead a decent life, many poor and underprivileged people often fall into the trap of depression and desperation which can ultimately make them commit something illegal. 

According to studies, it is claimed that poor people are 1.5- 3 times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than the wealthy. The lack of basic amenities and poor facilities may even cause them to commit crimes. 

Kids are usually at the higher risk of this. In 2015, the National Crime records bureau (NCRB) stated in their report that the rate of children from the underprivileged backgrounds taking part in crimes have increased. In support of this statement, they stated that 55.6% of juvenile offenders belonged to families with an annual income of less than Rs 25,000.

With such alarming figures, it definitely becomes important to us as individuals and citizens of the country to help them so that they might be at least provided with a decent life. 

We can either volunteer or provide donation help to the organisation that works towards uplifting the underprivileged sections. We can also personally help them to lead a decent life. 

Poor people are often prone to health issues 

There are various health issues that an underprivileged living in India faces. Some of them are- Malnutrition, mental health problems, high infant mortality rate, higher risk of communicable diseases and so on. 

The report of the National Survey Office (NSO) of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (2019) stated that only 14.1% of people in rural areas and 19.1% in urban areas had any form of health coverage. 

Hence, it becomes quite necessary for us as an individual to be sympathetic towards their problems and help them with whatever little contribution that we can provide. 

Educating the poor can lead to development of the nation

Education is one of the sectors that plays a very significant role in a nation’s prosperity. However, millions of underprivileged people, especially children, do not even have the basic access to education. 

Hence, by donating or contributing to educate the poor of the country might not just impact their lives, but also will push us, as a country, towards nation’s prosperity. 

Donating to Narayan Seva Sansthan

There are a lot of ways through which one can help the needy in the country. However, if you are planning on making a monetary donation to an NGO, Narayan Seva Sansthan can be an option for you to consider.

The Sansthan is a globally recognised NGO that aims towards healing, enriching and empowering the lives of the underprivileged sections. 

Some of their offerings include-

  • Treatment and corrective surgeries of the divyangs and other underprivileged people through their hospitals
  • Taking care of orphan children through their orphanage called Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah. 
  • Residential home for children with hearing and visual impairment and MR home for mentally challenged children. 
  • Free of cost quality education for underprivileged children through Narayan Children academy 
  • Vocational training and skill development centre called Narayan Shala for the underprivileged and so on. 

To know more about the Sansthan and to support their noble sevas, you can click here!