03 November 2022

What makes you want to donate?

Donations are a symbol of a kind society that believes in ‘providing for all’. Many people from all over the world make offline or online donations to charities, institutions, political parties, and so on. However, the question here is, what even drives them to donate!

These are a few reasons that can make one want to donate:

Religious purpose 

Most of the religious groups existing in the world believe in charity and donation. 

In Hinduism and Buddhism, people do ‘Dana’ without expecting anything in return. Every year, around 650 crore rupees is donated to temples by their devotees. 

Even in Islam, Zakat is a mandatory form of charity. 

Natural disaster or calamities

According to the WMO, India lost $87 billion last year due to natural disasters. Kerala floods of 2022 has caused the state to suffer an estimated loss of Rs 19,512 crore. To make up for life and monetary losses and to provide facilities for the people who need help amidst and post calamity, donations from government , individuals and organisations become very crucial.  

Donation to political party

Donation to a political party from an individual or organisation is done to help a party in their campaigning and other election related processes. The benefit of these donations is that the donor can claim deduction of 100% on the donation amount under section 80G of Income tax Act.

Personal connection with the issue or cause

It is often seen that donors usually have their own personal reasons behind why they want to donate to a particular cause or section of people. For instance, an individual who donates on a regular basis to help poor people might have come up from a similar background.

Trust in the organisation 

Some people have sheer trust that their contribution (donation) is being used wisely by a particular Charity. Such Charity organisations often tend to strengthen this trust by providing donors with the reports and documents regarding how their valuable contribution has helped in the cause.

Tax benefits and exemptions 

The government of India offers tax exemptions and incentives to NGOs and charities that are registered under Section 12A of the Income tax Act. As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, an individual can claim for a tax exemption under section 80G for his/her charitable contribution (only in the form of money or cheque). Hence, one can donate online or offline to these organisations to enjoy the benefits of tax exemption.

About Narayan Seva Sansthan

The Sansthan works towards helping the specially abled (Divyang) or underprivileged free of cost. It accepts both offline and online donations from India or abroad. The Sansthan is registered under the Income Tax Act. Hence, donations (online or offline) of more than 500 INR to the Sansthan are tax free under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. 

The Sansthan is one of the most trusted NGOs, as it diligently uses all the contributions from their donors for the good cause and also provides the donor with the necessary reports and documents showcasing how their help (donation) has positively impacted the people in need. 

The Sansthan not only works towards medically treating people with disabilities, but also helps in making them economically independent.

They also work towards providing facilities for other underprivileged children, adults, and people with mental disorders.

The Sansthan has around 480 branches in India and 49 in abroad countries making it possible for them to accept donations (online or offline) from anywhere across the world.