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Shreshth's Remarkable
Transformation at Sansthan

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In Sakola village (Chhattisgarh), Sandeep and Poonam Gupta experienced an overwhelming sense of joy when their first child was born. However, their happiness swiftly turned into despair when they discovered that their precious son Shreshth’s legs were weak and thin due to polio. The weight of sorrow burdened their hearts.

Despite seeking medical treatment until Shreshth turned two, he couldn’t stand or crawl. Desperate for a glimmer of hope, they consulted various reputable hospitals, but none could offer assurance of his ability to walk. Worries consumed Shreshth’s parents day and night until a flicker of hope ignited in their hearts.

One day, while watching a television program, they learned about Narayan Seva Sansthan’s remarkable work in providing free polio surgery and assistance. A ray of hope pierced through their despair, prompting them to bring young Shreshth to the Sansthan.

Expert doctors at the Sansthan conducted a thorough examination of Shreshth’s legs and performed a series of surgeries and multiple wedging procedures. Following these interventions, specially designed calipers were meticulously crafted to assist his mobility. In March 2023, Shreshth was fitted with these remarkable devices.

When Shreshth, aided by the calipers, took his first steps, a flood of tears streamed down the faces of his parents and relatives. Joy replaced their once heavy hearts, and they expressed their profound gratitude to Sansthan for bringing happiness back into their lives.