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Narbada got sturdy after corrective surgery!

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Success Story : Narbada

Narbada is the eldest of seven children born to Pannalal and Sarju Devi, a farming couple in Nagaur, Rajasthan. When Narbada was 2 years old, she got a fever that later made her a victim of polio. The poor couple were concerned and didn’t know how to help their daughter. As Narbada grew older, his problems grew worse. Both her feet were twisted backward, and she had one thick leg that forced her body to lean. She used to struggle to make it to school, which was 3 kilometers away from her house. Since their financial situation was poor, the parents borrowed a lot of money to try to cure her, but nothing worked. All qualified medical professionals said the operation was the only way to make Narbada better. The parents, who were already in debt, were unable to raise the money required for the operation.

Time passed, and Narbada turned 18 years old with this physical disability. After so many years of suffering, a relative brought a glimmer of hope and informed them about Narayan Seva Sansthan’s free corrective surgery and prosthetic limbs for those with disabilities. In 2019, the couple visited the organization with Narbada. The treatment has been ongoing for 3 years. The doctors operated on each of her legs separately and enabled Narbada to stand with the help of calipers. Her parents say that after so many years of trying, they had lost hope for Narbada to stand and walk, but the organization made it possible. Meanwhile, Narbada also joined the 3-month free skill development program offered by Narayan Seva Sansthan, where she pursued computer education. She is now able to get employment, and she can help herself and her family. They are thankful, and the organization is happy for them.