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The electrocution
took away Nagraj's
hands and feet…

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Success Story : Nagraj Yuvraj Patil


A man was living a happy life with his five family members while working as a farmer on a small holding until one day a catastrophe struck, shattering all of the family’s hopes. In November 2014, while working on water harvesting, Nagraj Yuvraj Patil, 40, a native of Sarola village in Muktainagar taluka of Jalgaon district, was electrocuted when a live wire of an 11000 high voltage line abruptly snapped. He was severely hurt in this. The entire body on one side was charred. After much effort, those present promptly admitted him to the hospital. The physicians there informed him that amputating his hands and legs would be his only chance for survival. His right hand and right leg had to be amputated during treatment.

The family was engulfed in a financial catastrophe as a result of their inability to control their suddenly shifting lives. After ten years of infirmity, Nagraj was now looking forward to dying. Meanwhile, as news of Narayan Seva Sansthan’s free service initiatives was seen on social media, his hope began to grow. In a camp set up near JalgaonShirpur, the foot measurements were taken during the final week of November, and on December 11th, a specific artificial foot was prepared and fitted. After receiving an artificial leg, Nagraj claims he would now work to better the family’s dire financial situation. Thank you so much Narayan Seva Sansthan.