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Kailash's life saved by kidney transplant…

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Success Story : Kailash

When 17-year-old Kailash, a resident of Sri Ganganagar, was studying in class VII, he started having problems of excessive sweating. After getting a checkup from the doctor, it was found that both the kidneys of the boy had failed. Doctor said, he will have to undergo dialysis or else he will not be able to survive. He will live as long as dialysis continues. The parents used to take care of the son throughout the night and the mother used to cry a lot seeing his condition. The only way for Kailash to survive was a kidney transplant, which cost 8-10 lakhs. His father didn’t have that much money. Then came to know about Narayan Seva Sansthan from somewhere and came here with his son without wasting any time. Here he was admitted for a week and from here they got a lot of support and help. Then the sansthan got Kailash’s kidney transplant done. Now he is fine. The parents are very happy and give full credit to the sansthan for gifting new life to the son. They wholeheartedly thank the Sansthan family for saving their son’s life.