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Dipanshu got relief
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Success Story : Dipanshu


This story is of Dipanshu, son of father Rajkumar and mother Sugandha, resident of village Dhavali of Shahpura tehsil of Jaipur district of Rajasthan. In 2010, everyone’s faces blossomed with the arrival of a new guest in the family. The birth of a son as the first child created an atmosphere of happiness among the parents and relatives. The child was very beautiful and completely healthy from birth. Everyone was mesmerized by the adorable voice of a small child from every corner of the house.

Dipanshu was now five years old that in 2015 due to polio disease, the leg was twisted above the knee and toes. A lot of treatment was done in big and private hospitals too but there was no difference. Then, at the age of four-five years, he enrolled in a nearby school. Along with being sharp in reading and writing, he had won the hearts of everyone in the school. The burden of disability made it difficult to walk and go to school.

Dipanshu passed 8th and came in 9th but could not get rid of the pain of disability. At the age of thirteen, the frustrated parents were worried about the future of the child. Then one day, after seeing the program of free polio operation of Narayan Seva Sansthan Udaipur on TV, parents got hope. Without wasting any time they immediately brought Dipanshu to Udaipur Institute on 18th June 2022. Here the doctor and team successfully operated on the right leg on June 21 and tied the plaster. Called again after about a month. On July 29, when he came for the second time and got the plaster opened, the leg was completely fine. Two days later, the calipers were prepared and worn on the legs.

The father says that my son can now walk comfortably, and the crookedness of the leg has also been cured, we feel very happy to see the son walking comfortably.