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Success Story : Ahmed Raja

When my child Ahmed Raja was born in Ajmer hospital, my heart trembled at the very first sight. We were like, how will we handle it, we will not handle it, we cried a lot, cried a lot for a whole 1 month. He was born without hands and both his legs were bent. Then we took him to a hospital in Bhilwara where the doctor said, we cannot do anything for your child. We went to NarayanSevaSansthan where we saw many children who were not able to walk. We saw that our child is not the only one who is unable to walk and isdeprived of hands; rather there are many other kids who are suffering and facing so many difficulties. Then our son was treated there and today he is walking properly.

There was a time when my son was not getting admission in any school. The time we turned on our television, a song by actor Salman Khan was playing on it, we never thought he would be able to performlike this. He started doing movements onhis own. Then we thought, why not place him in some event? That’s all we were thinking and we saw the institute’s Divyang Talent Show on Facebook. Then we met PrashantAgarwal who gave usan opportunityand the way our son nailed that opportunity was unbelievable. Seeing this tears welled up in my eyes. Those people, who used to taunt me over my child’s disability, are longing to take a selfie with my son today. I was sure that my son would one day make me feel proud. And today my son is showing his skills everywhere and making me the happiest. I am very grateful to NarayanSevaSansthan for helping and giving great opportunities to my child to reach the heights.