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Sansthan gave relief to son from polio, made mother self-reliant…

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Success Story : Adarsh

The entire family, including the parents, was all ecstatic to welcome the first child into the house. An upbeat atmosphere pervaded the residence. However, it didn’t last. A son was born but with a disability. This story is of the son of Mahesh Gupta, a resident of Raiya, Jaunpur (UP). In 2015, Pooja gave birth to their first child. The infant’s legs were curled up on its toes and bowed at the knees. All of the high hopes that the parents and other family members had for the upbringing of the future children were destroyed when they saw this. The doctors assured them that they would straighten his legs, but it would take time. They began raising their son with this hope in mind. The child’s name was Adarsh. Father works as a painting contractor. Parents traveled to hospitals in Gorakhpur, Allahabad, and Lucknow with high hopes for treatment, but they were let down everywhere. People’s vile remarks used to pierce like arrows in the heart.

Meanwhile, a friend of Pooja suggests that they should visit the Narayan Seva Sansthan since they are offering free polio treatment. They arrived in Udaipur Sansthan with this hope. After examining Adarsh, the expert medical professionals successfully operated on both legs and fastened the plaster. The plaster was removed upon his return, and he completed the recommended workouts. Additionally, the staff constructed special calipers after measuring his feet and made him wear them. Adarsh now plays with kids and walks easily with calipers. Pooja says I attended three months of free sewing and embroidery training throughout my son’s treatment in Sansthan. There I learned how to create a variety of clothing items, including a shirt, dress, pants, kurta-pajamas, etc. Now I will become self-reliant and support my family by starting my own business. I’m grateful to Sansthan.