23 August 2023

Section 80G – Donations Eligible Under Section 80G

Donations made per Section 80G provide individuals and businesses with a fantastic opportunity to support charitable causes while receiving tax advantages. By allowing tax deductions for donations made to authorized organizations under this clause, the Indian government promotes philanthropy. Whether you give to a charity, NGO like Narayan Seva Sansthan, or other recognized organization, Section 80G allows you to deduct your donations from your taxes. This blog will discuss the significance of donations made in accordance with Section 80G, the tax advantages offered, and how online donations have streamlined the procedure.

Understanding Donations Under Section 80G

Donations made in accordance with Section 80G are essential for advancing social welfare and boosting up many facets of society. The government has selected a number of non-governmental and charitable groups (NGOs) that share its goals and support initiatives in fields including education, healthcare, rural development, and others. Individuals and companies can improve society and support deserving causes by providing financial assistance to these organizations. Additionally, the tax advantages of these donations make it a win-win situation for both the donors and the recipients.

  • It promotes social welfare and uplift various sections of society.
  • Qualifying organizations include NGOs, charitable institutions, and initiatives aligned with government objectives.
  • Eligible individuals and businesses can avail of tax deductions for their contributions.
  • The donation limit and tax deduction percentages vary based on the type of organization and the scheme.

NGO Donations Under Section 80G

NGOs play a pivotal role in implementing various social welfare programs and addressing critical issues faced by the marginalized sections of society. Recognizing their significant contribution, the government has made donations to registered NGOs eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G. Individuals and businesses can make contributions to these NGOs and claim deductions while filing their income tax returns. This initiative aims to encourage greater participation in philanthropy and strengthen the voluntary sector in India.

  • NGOs play a pivotal role in implementing social welfare programs and aiding marginalized sections of society.
  • Registered NGOs meeting specific criteria are eligible for tax-deductible donations.
  • NGO Section 80G donations strengthen the voluntary sector and encourage philanthropy.

Tax Benefits Under Section 80G

One of the key incentives for making donations is the attractive Tax benefits Under Section 80G. Individuals can claim a deduction of up to 50% of their donated amount, while specific donations are eligible for 100% deduction. By claiming these deductions, taxpayers reduce their taxable income, resulting in a lower tax liability. This not only encourages more significant contributions but also empowers taxpayers to contribute towards societal development actively.

  • It offers tax deductions to incentivise philanthropy.
  • Individuals can claim up to 50% or 100% deduction based on the donation type.
  • Lowering taxable income through deductions reduces the overall tax liability.
  • Tax benefits motivate taxpayers to contribute to societal development actively.

Online Donations Under Section 80G

With the advancement of technology, making donations has become more accessible and convenient. Online platforms have emerged as a popular medium for contributing to charitable causes. Donors can choose from various NGOs and causes, verify their eligibility, and contribute from the comfort of their homes or offices.

  • Online platforms simplify and streamline the donation process.
  • Authorised websites enable secure donations to eligible NGOs and institutions.
  • Donors can conveniently contribute from their homes or offices.
  • Simplified documentation and receipt generation make online donations hassle-free.

Steps to Avail Tax Benefits on Donations

Claiming tax benefits on donations involves specific procedures that donors must diligently follow. Keeping all the necessary documents, such as donation receipts and certificates, in order is essential. Additionally, taxpayers must ensure that the NGO or charitable organisation they contribute to holds a valid registration under Section 80G.

  • Keep track of donation receipts and acknowledgements for tax filing purposes.
  • Verify that the NGO or organisation has a valid Section 80G registration.
  • File Form 80G while submitting income tax returns to claim deductions.
  • Seek professional assistance for complex donation scenarios.


In conclusion, Online Donations Under Section 80G are a powerful means to create a meaningful impact on society while enjoying tax benefits. Whether you support NGOs, charitable organisations, or other eligible causes, your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. The government’s efforts to incentivise philanthropy through tax deductions further inspire individuals and businesses to step forward and contribute to the betterment of society. Narayan Seva Sansthan is eligible for donation under section 80G. So, let’s join hands, make a difference, and take advantage of the tax benefits while building a compassionate and prosperous nation.