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Physiotherapy Center

physiotherapy center


Understanding Physiotherapy

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a type of treatment pertaining to physical movement which helps improve a person’s quality of life. Many individuals lose their potential for movement due to reasons like accident, disability through physical means, and so on. In addition to this, even an underlying health condition or disease can affect an individual’s potential for movement. Undergoing physiotherapy help individuals restore their maximum movement and maintain the same. Today, with numerous advanced physiotherapy centers established in the country, it has become easier for an individual to avail this service in a much convenient manner.

Physiotherapy can be undertaken by adults, elderly and senior citizens, and children as well who need improvement in their mobility. This form of treatment also helps in reducing pain, improve the range of motions in the joints, regain flexibility, maintain the right body posture, and strengthen the muscles, to name some. You can search the ‘best physiotherapy centers near me’ online to locate the nearest centre for treatment.

Types of Physiotherapy

There are two types of physiotherapy that individual can avail depending upon their requirements, namely: –

  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Physiotherapy

Further, neurological physiotherapy is divided into: –

Geriatric Physiotherapy:

This type of physiotherapy deals with the rehabilitation of old patients. Physiotherapy centres ensure that old patients are given high-quality care and services while ensuring functional independence, muscle strengthening, and so on in them.

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy:

Deals with patients suffering from respiratory problems like COPD including bronchial asthma, emphysematous lungs, post-CABG (heart transplant surgery), pneumonia, and so on.

Paediatric Physiotherapy:

This type of physiotherapy deals with children who suffer from conditions like problems of a delayed milestone, polio, cerebral palsy, and so on. Those looking for paediatric physiotherapy centres can search for the ‘best physiotherapy centre near me’ online and the list of paediatric centres will be shown to you.

Physiotherapy in India offers a lot of other benefits like strength training, improved cardio, improved balance, reduced risks of falls, and much more.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is one of the leading and best physiotherapy centers in India, offering a range of physiotherapy-related services. We understand the importance of physical rehabilitation and ensure that individuals associated with us for physical therapy are offered the best services.