29 December 2022

New Year 2023 – A wonderful time for fresh beginnings filled with kindness!

Time goes by fairly rapidly. A gorgeous year has come to an end, leaving behind lovely memories.  Hope you also have some fantastic recollections from the past year. When the new year arrives, the question of what to do in the new year frequently crosses people’s minds. The nicest thing one can do is to show kindness and thankfulness.  

You’ve probably heard that if the new year begins joyfully and enthusiastically, the entire year will be filled with the same zeal and enjoyment. Always keep in mind that while we are going through life, happiness and grief will pass us by, we do not have to halt. In this journey of life, we must continue to advance. So with that, let’s bid adieu to the previous year and all of the memories from the past that we don’t want to think about and work to fill the new year with heartfelt, wonderful recollections. 

Let’s establish some selfless goals and adopt some great habits in 2023. By doing so, we can boost motivation and gain a positive outlook in the upcoming year.  A good deed definitely makes someone else’s day, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how good it makes you feel as well.   


Start the New Year Doing Positive Things

Learn something from others: Every day, this life continues to teach us something new. Accept any chance to improve your flaws or mistakes if they come from someone else’s good conduct or virtues, and take the opportunity to do so.

Stay optimistic: Learn to block out all negative ideas in the new year and think only happy thoughts. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. An optimistic outlook on life motivates us to move forward in any circumstance. 

Cherish others and be happy for them: Every individual is unique in his or her own way, and it is possible that what you are or have is not shared by others. In the new year, avoid comparing yourself to others because if you try to live your life like someone else, you will also ruin your own life in the process.  

Become forgiving: Forget about the unpleasant event that occurred to you last year. A fantastic personality trait is being able to forgive someone. Take the initiative yourself and put an end to your animosity in order to prevent any relationship rifts.   

Enjoy what you already have: There is a time for everything. The more you chase desires, the more difficulties you’ll encounter. So be patient and demonstrate the ability to be happy with whatever you have got in life.    


Make resolutions that benefit you and others 

Give up unhealthy habits

It is extremely detrimental to your health if you are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, or any other substance. In order to live a joyful life for you and your family in the new year, put an end to all of these destructive habits.  


Don’t throw trash out

We frequently witness littering and waste dumping in the area. So why don’t we start this new year off by encouraging ourselves and others to just toss the trash in the trash can and not anywhere else? By doing this, we can help keep the nation clean.


Control your temper

This year, you should learn to control your wrath if it causes you to lose your cool frequently. Try to remain composed. Put all of your effort into your work. Stay away from pessimists and focus on the positive. This will lessen anger and enhance relationships with loved ones.


Engage in noble virtuous deeds and receive blessings 

Everyone enjoys spending the new year with their family, friends, and loved ones, but nothing could be more special than sharing the occasion with those who are unable to do so. A New Year’s celebration with orphans, disadvantaged people, or persons with special needs can be joyful for both you and them in many ways.  

If you desire to be helpful and commit your time to assist someone, you can undertake nice deeds like supporting the underprivileged lacking basic necessities, free tutoring for some poor kids, assistance with their academics, food or clothing donations, and the purchase of groceries for the needy, and much more. The finest thing you can do in addition to this is to become a volunteer for an NGO. 

Volunteering with Narayan Seva Sansthan, an NGO that has spent three decades serving the Divyangs and the destitute would allow you to help a lot of disadvantaged and differently-abled people this new year and transform their lives. You can help with rations for the underprivileged, prosthetic limbs & operation support for those with impairments, and orphan & poor kids’ education with Sansthan’s help. Such people’s New Year can be brightened by your compassionate gestures.    


Don’t forget to make yourself happy too in 2023!

It’s essential to look after oneself too throughout the hectic holiday season. Treat yourself to a meal at your preferred restaurant, that piece of clothes you’ve had your eye on, or anything else you enjoy. You deserve it for all the unselfish work you’ve done. Remember to enjoy yourself and create the best memories possible this year in 2023 while also making others happy and carrying out nice deeds.