08 March 2024

Inspire Inclusion: Significance of International Women’s Day 2024 Worldwide

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 8th. This day is dedicated to promoting the empowerment of women and addressing issues related to gender equality. It serves as a platform for discussions on women’s rights and highlights the achievements and challenges faced by women globally. Each year, International Women’s Day is celebrated with a specific theme, emphasizing various aspects of women’s empowerment.       


Purpose of Celebrating International Women’s Day

The primary purpose of celebrating International Women’s Day is to advocate for equal rights for women in society. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of granting every woman her rightful place and rights. This day calls for an end to discrimination and biases against women, fostering an environment where women can thrive and contribute without limitations. International Women’s Day also involves rallies, conferences, and various events worldwide to draw attention to women’s rights and issues.


History of International Women’s Day

The roots of International Women’s Day can be traced back to a rally held in New York in 1908, where 15,000 women demanded better working conditions, equal pay, and the right to vote. Shortly afterward, in 1910, the Socialist Party of America proposed the idea of celebrating a National Women’s Day. In 1911, the first International Women’s Day was observed in several European countries, including Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

The United Nations officially recognized International Women’s Day on March 8, 1975, and since then, it has been celebrated annually on this date. The day commemorates the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and serves as a reminder of the progress that still needs to be made.


International Women’s Day 2024 Theme: Inspire Inclusion

The 2024 theme for International Women’s Day, “Inspire Inclusion,” underscores the pivotal role of women in society. This theme seeks to heighten awareness about the profound contributions women make to our collective progress. By emphasizing inclusion, it encourages a deeper understanding of the significance of women’s roles in all aspects of life. “Inspire Inclusion” serves as a catalyst for fostering a more equitable and diverse world, prompting individuals to acknowledge, appreciate, and actively champion the valuable contributions of women.                         

To live by the spirit of Inspire Inclusion, individuals can take several steps in their daily lives:               

Listen to Women’s Perspectives: Give importance to the thoughts and opinions of women, making them feel valued and heard.  

Empower Women Economically: Make efforts to economically empower women, ensuring they have equal opportunities in the workforce.

Ensure Participation in Leadership and Decision-Making: Encourage and ensure the active participation of women in leadership roles and decision-making processes.

Support Building Fundamental Infrastructure: Advocate for the construction of foundational structures that fulfill the needs of women and girls.

Ensure Quality Education and Training: Guarantee access to quality education and training for women and girls.

Promote Participation in Sports: Work towards increasing the participation of women and girls in sports.

Encourage Creative and Artistic Talent: Foster creativity and artistic abilities in women and girls.

By embracing the Inspire Inclusion theme, individuals contribute to creating a society where women are recognized, respected, and given equal opportunities in all aspects of life.


International Women’s Day 2024 and the Call for Inclusion

International Women’s Day 2024, encapsulated by the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ beckons us to acknowledge women’s achievements and challenges. A global call to action, it urges individuals and communities to champion gender equality and empower women. Embracing the spirit of inclusion, we are encouraged to actively appreciate and recognize women’s contributions, fostering a world that is not only diverse but equitable for all. Through our combined efforts, International Women’s Day turns into a potent force for advancement and constructive change.