11 October 2022

Ways to help poor people get education?

With the Right to Education Act, 2009, India has become one of the 135 countries that recognises quality education as a fundamental right of every child in the nation. For this purpose, the Indian government has put forth some commendable efforts and schemes to promote and provide the right to education to every household in the country. 

Apart from the government, there are several charities and education NGOs in the country too that work towards the noble cause of benefiting many underprivileged people with education. However, despite that, more than 30 million children in the country are still unable to receive primary education. 

The National Survey of India reports that India has a literacy rate of 77.7% which indicates that at least one out of four Indians lacks the opportunity of acquiring basic education. 

Ways in which one can help a poor people to get education

Poverty is one of the main reasons behind lack of proper education in India. For the underprivileged, earning for themselves and their family members becomes much more necessary than obtaining proper education. Hence, free of cost education and flexibility in learning hours can be a huge help for them to manage their learning along with their work. But how can one, as a donor, help them with this? 

Here are some of the ways in which one can help poor people get education-

  • Money donations

There are many government trusts and education NGOs in India that accept charitable donations to provide quality education to underprivileged people (especially children) for free of cost. 

One of the benefits that these monetary donations hold is that these kinds of donations can be subjected to tax deductions under section 80G of Income tax Act, provided the donor donates to a 80G certified trust or organisation. 

  • Donating resources

Monetary donations are not the only way to donate for child education. Donations of resources like books, stationery and other such materials can be very helpful too. One can either personally donate this to a poor child or to an NGO working for education

  • Volunteering 

If not donations, one can spend their time educating underprivileged children and people. There are many NGOs working for education in India that accept volunteers who would like to share their knowledge with these people. 

  • Providing tuitions at their homes

For a person who is willing to give their time for teaching underprivileged children on a daily or regular basis can consider tutoring them at their home or any other such space.