27 October 2022

How can we help poor people by social media?

In 2022, the international monetary fund (IMF) announced that India has surpassed the position of UK and became fifth largest economy in the world. Since the past few decades, the country has shown tremendous improvement in their GDP and per capita income rate which ultimately led to an increase in their economic growth rate.

However, despite this, the problem of poverty still persists in the country. According to the World Poverty clock (2022), India has around 83 million people suffering from extreme poverty. 

In order to tackle this challenge, the government and several charitable organisations have put forth some great efforts. However, despite this, eradication of poverty would not be possible without the public’s support. It is the contribution from individuals, businesses and institutions that help governmental and non-governmental organisations in raising funds to provide for the underprivileged.

Over the years, with the booming of technology sectors, many donation sites have come into existence. There are many government funding sites, fundraising sites and NGO websites in India that accept online donations for the underprivileged. 

These charity donation websites are becoming popular in the country as they make it easier for trusts and NGOs to reach a large audience. It also makes the process of donation very quick, easy, and hassle free for their donors making them donate from anywhere around the country. 

With the rapid growth of technology, social media platforms have gained a buzz for themselves too. Nowadays, many charities and NGOs make use of these social media platforms to reach more people and tell them about their purpose. 

However, how does social media help the poor? Here are some of the ways through which one can use the social media to help the poor –

  • It helps in reaching many people

Social media platforms have the capability to reach a wider audience hence, when you post content (like stories, narratives, data or facts) describing the situation of the poor in India. There is a high possibility that many people will be able to see your content and would be willing to support the underprivileged with their contribution.

  • It is free of cost

The best part about social media platforms is that it does not charge anything for posting. Hence, any genuine post that you want to share regarding poverty would be able to reach millions of people for free of cost.

When you are on social media, you can always have a scope for two way conversation between two parties. Hence, these platforms are an easy way for one to connect with millions of donors who wish to contribute in helping the underprivileged.

Narayan Seva Sansthan

If you are looking for an NGO that accepts donations online, then Narayan Seva Sansthan can be an option for you to consider. 

The Sansthan is one of the top NGOs in India that has been consistently working towards uplifting the lives of divyangs and several other unprivileged sections of the society.

Their offerings include-

  • Treatment and corrective surgeries for divyangs and other underprivileged patients through their hospitals,
  • Providing quality education and other educational facilities like lunch, uniform, health care, stationeries and so on to underprivileged children through their English medium co-educational school called Narayan Children Academy, 
  • Taking utmost care of orphans through their orphanage called Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah, 
  • Residential school for children with visual and hearing impairment and MR home for mentally challenged children, 
  • Training and skill development centre called Narayan Shala to empower divyangs and other underprivileged people, 
  • Mass weddings (held twice a year) for divyangs and underprivileged adults and so on. 

To know more about the sansthan and their work, you can follow them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can also look into their website by clicking here!