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Ashadha Amavasya !!!
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Ashadha Amavasya

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Amavasya is observed in the middle of each month according to the Hindu calendar, which counts a total of 30 lunars(Tithis).Because the moon is completely hidden on Amavasya or Amavas, it is also known as the “no-moon day.” This month’s night is among the darkest.

Amavasya Day has a connection to Moksha or salvation. Starting the spiritual path on this day is a wise decision. It’s ideal for beginning the inner purification process. As the one who forces us to open up our forcibly locked inner selves in order to expose us to the light of truth, Lord Shiva is associated with this day. For the eradication of PitraDosha and KaalSarpDosha, Amavasya Tithi is highly favorable. On Amavasya, one can perform a Havan or Shrada for the ancestors. However, no happy or auspicious events, such as weddings, thread ceremonies, or the beginning of new employment or business, take place on Amavasya.

Significance of Amavasya

In Hindu culture, Amavasya has immense significance because, on this day, one of the Sun’s ten thousand beams resides on the Moon and is given the name Amavasya. The mind is ruled by the moon. It is especially useful for boosting spirits and winning the ancestor’s favor. On the new moon and full moon dates, the moon has a particular impact on the planet, which can lead to physical and mental illness and restlessness among the earth’s inhabitants. To prevent this, there is a law of giving charity and fasting on the new moon and full moon days. Donating food, clothes, and money to the less fortunate on this day gives many benefits. It is believed that donation made on the day of Amavasya is equal to the donation of thousands of cows.

Donate to support and feed the impoverished…

Amavasya is dedicated to carrying out rituals for departed ancestors. Numerous individuals observe fasts, perform havans, pujas, and sadhanas for their ancestors, do charity and donate food to the poor and brahmins. The devotees can lessen the negative impacts of Ketu, Rahu, Shani, and Jupiter by performing the Ann and Vastra Daan on the day of Amavasya. Donations and charitable acts on this significant day are beneficial for natives under the Antardasha or Mahadasha of certain planets.

On the day of Amavasya, Narayan SevaSansthan has also taken a pledge to distribute food among the needy people.You too can join us in our effort to feed starving, underprivileged children and prevent them from going to bed hungry.

Contribute today to feed needy families suffering from poverty!

Ashadha Amavasya

Feed the starving kids on Ashadha Amavasya!

Your little donation of Rs. 3000/- would provide food for 100 needy, abandoned, and differently-abled individuals.