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Donate Online through Paytm


With plenty of non-profit organizations working on different causes, those who are willing to support a cause through donation have plenty of choices. While the traditional offline mode is still important, the rise of online platforms like Paytm that offer wallet and UPI money transfer have opened a realm of opportunities to donate.

This advancement in technology has enabled donors to make payments from anywhere in the world, making sure that distance doesn’t stop anyone from contributing to a good cause.

Donate Online Through Paytm

You can now donate to Narayan Seva Sansthan easily with the help of a few clicks on the Paytm mobile application. Just go to the Paytm app on your phone, select the ‘Pay’ option to enter the phone number, or scan the QR code. You can also download our QR code and upload it for Paytm donation. For receiving the hard copy of the receipt, kindly email the transaction details/ payment screenshot to The donations made through Paytm are also eligible for tax benefits under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Also, UPI money transfer app like Paytm often provides offers in the form of cashback with each transfer done, helping the donor get some monetary returns instantly.

Donate Money Online to NGO via PayTM

  1. Open PaytM App in your smart phone
  2. Click on Pay
  3. Scan QR Code
  4. Click on Proceed to Pay

If donation receipt is required then please mark a
mail at with your transaction detail

Scan to Donate through UPI or Paytm Wallet

You can follow the below steps to transfer money as a donation using Paytm wallet or UPI transactions.

  • Open your Paytm application
  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Scan the above QR code
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Select UPI or Paytm wallet option to transfer money
  • Click on ‘Pay’

Why Donate Online?

We all are aware of the feeling of contentment and satisfaction that we get by donating to a good cause. However, herein we have enlisted the benefits if one chooses to donate through Paytm using UPI or online wallet.

Extended Reach

Choosing to donate online brings along the flexibility of surpassing geographical locations. One can simply transfer money from anywhere in the world with a single click through the Paytm UPI payment application. This further increases the ability of the NGOs to raise more funds and serve more people to transform their lives and give them a better future.


Online donation platforms allow donors to quickly, easily, and securely transfer money and help a family or individual in need. Further, it doesn’t take much of your time, which might be the case in offline donation where you either pay through cash or cheque. This way, NGOs can also conveniently raise funds from across the country and around the world.

Emergency Assistance

Through online donation, one can instantly help a person in need, especially in case of emergency. There might be cases where the NGOs need urgent help, and the flexibility of online money transfers through Paytm UPI can come to the rescue. The partner NGO can get in touch with the donors, using their captured details from the previous transactions, and request them for help.

Recurring Donations

The details of the donation are captured by the online platform after a successful transaction. These details can be further utilized to help the donor set up recurring donations. This way, a set amount of money is automatically debited from the donors’ account on the said date of every month or year, thereby saving their time and effort.

Explore and pick a cause of your choice, and donate through Paytm wallet or UPI transaction. Do your bit in a good deed today!


You do not need to create any specific account to donate through Paytm. Just open the Paytm app on your smartphone and click on ‘Pay’. Now scan the QR code, enter the amount and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’. If you do not have access to the QR code, then simply search for ‘Donation’. After that, search Narayan Seva Sansthan on the ‘Contribute To’ page. Click on the option after which you’ll be asked for the following details to donate through Paytm: - . Contributor’s name . PAN (Optional) . Email Address (Optional) . Contributor’s Location/Area (Optional) After that, you can enter the amount you want to contribute, choose the payment option, and then go ahead and donate through Paytm. It’s pretty much how you make payments and pay utility bills through Paytm.

If you going to donate through UPI, you can rest assured as your details are absolutely safe. At every step in the UPI payment process, users will have to prove their authenticity by entering their unique UPI ID and UPI PIN. These payments are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India & NPCI and Paytm follows all the guidelines issued by these regulators. And yes, it is also possible to donate through UPI via Paytm.

To transfer money using Paytm UPI, you have to follow the steps mentioned below: . Open the Paytm application. . Click on ‘Pay’ and scan the NSS QR code. Alternatively, search for Donation > search for Narayan Seva Sansthan . Enter the amount you want to donate. . Now you can select payment using UPI. . Click on ‘Pay’ to transfer money using Paytm UPI.

There are many benefits that UPI money transfer offers. To start with, it is a single platform that brings all the banks to one place on your phone and enables cashless transactions with no additional fees or expenses. UPI money transfer also offers one of the easiest and most convenient modes of transferring money that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Money transfer through Paytm UPI is fairly simple and convenient. Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer money in just a fraction of seconds: . Log in to your Paytm account. . Click on the ‘send money to anyone’ option. . Enter the 10 digits mobile number of the recipient. . Enter the amount you wish to transfer. . Enter the Paytm UPI pin for transfer. . You will receive a notification of money transfer upon successful transaction.

If you want to make a UPI payment through Paytm, you can follow these easy steps: . Log in to your Paytm account. . Click on Pay. . Scan our QR code. . Enter the amount you wish to donate. . Enter your UPI pin. . Proceed to pay.

Paytm is India’s leading digital wallet that provides you with a slew of services, payment options and offers. Paytm UPI money transfer, on the other hand, offers an easy payment interface for UPI payments via the app. The password for Paytm is only used to log in to the application; you’ll need a UPI PIN to pay for all Paytm Bank transactions. At the same time, you also get several Paytm offers for UPI money transfers.

After the user selects a bank from the list, the app will attempt to retrieve the data of the bank account associated with the registered Paytm number in order to transfer money from UPI to Paytm. If the app can fetch the bank account associated with the contact number, it will instantly associate the user with the UPI ID after which you can transfer money from UPI to Paytm.