04 November 2022

How can I donate money online in India

According to the affidavit presented by the Central Bureau of Investigation to the Supreme Court of India, there are more than 31 lakh NGOs/ charities in India with more than 76,000 NGOs in Delhi alone.

In 2021, around 75% (three in four) people have given money to a charitable cause and even though cash remains the most prevalent method to give donations to a charity in India, its usage has declined. Instead, the digital modes of donations have seen a rapid increase over the past 3 years.

Currently, there are a lot of NGO websites in India that accept online donations, however, the question is, how can a person donate online! 

Before learning about that, let’s look into the benefits of donating online. 

The benefits are:

  • They allow quick and easy transfer of money from anywhere
  • Once the transaction is successful, the details of it are automatically stored in the system. Hence, the donor doesn’t have to fill in the details again for donating to the same NGO which saves a lot of time for them.
  • In case of emergency, donors can easily send the amount via online mode. 
  • Amount of more than Rs 2,000 can be donated via online mode which is not possible with cash donation as it has a limit of Rs 2000.
  • Even NRIs can donate for India or Indian charities via online mode. 

Online donations are one of the easiest ways to donate money. A donor can donate money online via –

  • Visiting the NGOs website and clicking on their donation button. 
  • Followed by that, they can fill in the necessary details and continue their transaction via UPI, net banking, or any other online mode. 

NGO websites in India have even ensured that necessary assistance is provided to the donors if they are facing any issue while donating online. 

Tax exemption on online donations

Under Section 80G, online donation to a registered charitable trust or fund is subjected to tax exemptions. However, there are certain points that the donor has to be sure of, if they want to receive a deduction. They are-

  • The charitable organisation should be registered under Section 12A of Income tax and Societies Registration Act 1860 or Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.
  • Religious or political donations are not subjected to tax deductions under section 80G.
  • The NGO should have a strict and well maintained record of their receipt and expenditures.

Online donations at Narayan Seva Sansthan

Narayan Seva Sansthan is a charitable trust that has been consistently working towards the welfare of Divyang and underprivileged people since 1985. Till date, the Sansthan has helped over 429917 Divyangs with their surgeries, 911105 specially abled people with Aids and Appliances, 2935 underprivileged people with skill development, and so on for free of cost. For their noble work, they accept funds from individuals, businesses or other institutions in both offline and online modes. 

Donating online to the Sansthan not only provides the donor with the happiness of donating, but also benefits them with tax exemptions. This is because the Sansthan is registered under Section 12A of Income tax Act and is eligible for online deductions under Section 80G. 

The Sansthan ensures donors’ privacy, thereby making it one of the most trusted online platforms for donations.

To donate or to obtain further details on the Sansthan, you can click here!