02 October 2022

What is the best way to help poor children in India?

Children are a country’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. Every country, developed or developing, has a close connection between the status of its children and its future.

When Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow,” he was absolutely right. 

Unfortunately, despite having the largest economy in the world, India also has one of the highest rates of child poverty. Approximately 243 million children and young adults between the ages of 0 and 19 live in extreme poverty, according to a report released in June 2020 by World Poverty Clock. The start of the pandemic has further impacted these statistics.

As citizens of the country, it is our duty to contribute in any way possible. We must make sure that these children receive protection, a healthy diet, medical attention, and education. Denying a needy child even one of these necessities leaves them open to abuse, exploitation, and poverty.

Here are a few of the best ways to assist underprivileged children in India. 

  • Donation

If you don’t have the time or can’t find the right opportunity to physically help these kids, donating is the best way to do so. Numerous charitable organisations dedicate their efforts to eradicating hunger and poverty in order to improve the lives of children. Through these organisations, you can donate to child education in India. Your compassion toward children can shield them from an impressionable childhood.

You can also donate to a skill development NGO that specialises in teaching young adults practical life skills that will enable them to earn a living and lead respectable lives.

  • Volunteer

If you have a passion for social work, volunteering with an NGO is the best option for you. You can assist needy children by volunteering a few hours of your time and expertise without having to leave your job or university. You can also look up “children’s orphanages near me” on the internet and become involved in some way.

  • Crowdfunding

There are several crowdfunding platforms available to help needy children. These platforms enable you to set up your cause and raise funds from like-minded individuals. For example, if you want to provide education to needy children, you can simply ask your friends and family to raise funds on these platforms, so that you can be associated with any NGO for children education.

  • Child Sponsorship Program

It is heartbreaking to learn that there are over 30 million orphaned and abandoned children in India, accounting for nearly 4% of the country’s youth population. As an individual, you look for organisations that provide Child Sponsorship. Sponsoring a child will allow you to see the long-term impact on his or her life.

You can also look for “Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah,” an orphanage run by Narayan Seva Sansthan that provides free food, lodging, boarding, clothing, education, stationery, and other basic necessities of life.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, has the potential to help children in need.