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Shivkumar and Meenu Devi welcomed their first child, a son named Shivam, into their family with immense happiness. However, their joy quickly turned to heartbreaking sorrow when they discovered that Shivam had been afflicted with polio. His legs were weak and bent at the knees, shattering all the dreams the family had envisioned.

Shivam Valmiki, a resident of Lucknow, embarked on a challenging journey from the moment of his birth, one marked by two decades of struggle. As he grew older, the burden of his disability and the passage of time presented numerous challenges. He was forced to crawl on the ground, and the sight of his condition left both him and his parents in tears. They wondered why fate had dealt them such a difficult hand. Shivam sought treatment in various hospitals and from numerous doctors in Mumbai and nearby areas, but hope seemed elusive.

In 2019, during the course of his treatment, a ray of hope entered Shivam’s life through a generous donor who informed him about Narayan Seva Sansthan’s free polio corrective surgery. This proved to be a turning point. In November 2019, Shivam arrived at the Sansthan, where both of his legs were carefully examined, and a successful operation was performed. After nearly two years of dedicated care and rehabilitation, Shivam was given a new lease on life with the aid of crutches. He could now move around with greater comfort and independence.

About a year later, calipers were fitted to both of Shivam’s legs, enabling him to walk without external support. With a determination to become self-reliant, Shivam returned to the Sansthan in January 2023. He seized the opportunity to pursue his dreams by enrolling in free computer training.

Shivam acknowledges the support of his parents and brothers at every step of his journey. He never allowed himself to succumb to an inferiority complex. Through courage and the invaluable support of the Sansthan, he not only regained his ability to stand on his feet but also discovered the strength to pursue his aspirations and shape his own future.