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Shama got relief from disability.

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Success Story : Shama

A girl in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, was born with polio. Her legs had deformities, and her feet were twisted and short due to the disease. She was the youngest of six siblings and was named Shama Parveen.

When Shama started growing, she couldn’t walk with those legs and used to get injured in her attempts to walk. Her parents couldn’t see her like this. They took her to multiple hospitals. Despite getting plastered on her legs nine times, no improvement was seen. Her laborer father and carpenter brother used to work hard to run their household and pay for Shama’s treatment.

Shama’s difficulties increased with age, too. Because of the difficulty she had getting to school, she became miserable at times and had to leave school due to increasing difficulties. Her parents were worried about her future and felt helpless at that time.

Shama later turned 18, and then someone from a distant family mentioned Narayan Seva Sansthan’s free polio operation program and told them to visit the organization in Udaipur. Parents who had been waiting for Shama to get better for years visited the organization with Shama on September 19, 2022. Shama’s checkups and X-rays were processed by the organization’s medical team, which then performed successful surgery and applied plaster to her left leg. After a month, the cast was removed and treatment continued with therapy. After about a year, on August 25, 2022, successful surgery was performed on her other leg. After the necessary therapy sessions, measurements were taken and specially customized calipers were made according to Shama’s comfort.

Shama’s legs are now straight after two years of successful treatment, and she can stand and walk with the assistance of calipers. The family says she had given up long ago, but Sansthan not only provided her with the free operation but also the zeal and courage to live again. Shama’s entire family is thrilled and grateful to Sansthan.