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Lump in waist
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Success Story : Savita


The birth of Savita brought delight to Gabbar and Asha Devi of Uttarsaud village (UP). But when she was 6 years old, her parents began to worry when they noticed a little bump in her groin. The lump was growing over time. Family members carried the daughter, who was wailing in anguish, to various locations for treatment as the lump grew larger each day. Due to his family’s financial situation, the father obtained a loan eight years ago and had the daughter’s lump removed in a Lucknow hospital. The daughter received pain relief, but four years after the operation, she lost her ability to walk as a result of a nerve block in her left leg. The only choice, according to the physicians, was to amputate the leg, which would happen at the final Gorakhpur Medical Hospital. The amputation of Savita’s leg crushed all of her academic hopes.

Meanwhile, the acquaintance expressed hope that the daughter would be able to walk while describing the free service camp of Narayan Seva Sansthan. On September 30, they brought their daughter to the camp that had been set up in Gorakhpur. After taking measurements of the left leg, the prosthetic experts from the Sansthan made Savita wear a unique artificial limb on October 29. According to the parents, they never imagined their daughter would be able to walk. With the aid of an artificial leg, she is currently walking comfortably. Thanks to Sansthan, Savita can now take steps toward her goals.