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Ragini is out of her crooked leg pain

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Success Story : Ragini

Chhote Lal Shah and Sandhya Devi, a laboring couple in Gopalganj, Bihar, were overjoyed when they welcomed their daughter, Ragini, into the world. However, as she grew older, they noticed that her right leg was bending at the knee, causing her to experience pain and difficulty with everyday tasks such as walking and sitting. The family searched for answers and treatment, but due to their weak economic condition, they were unable to afford care from a big hospital.

With time, Ragini’s pain increased, and by the age of 14, she was struggling to commute to school and perform daily activities. After a few years of struggle and disappointment, in June 2022, the family learned about Narayan Seva Sansthan and its free clubfoot improvement operation and service endeavors through TV. They decided to bring Ragini to Sansthan for treatment.

After an examination by a doctor at Sansthan’s hospital, Ragini underwent an operation on her right leg. She also received treatment with a special device called the “Ilizarov Ring Fixator,” which helped to straighten her leg. After about a year and a half of successful treatment, Ragini’s crooked leg was now straight, giving her the strength to live happily and fulfill her dreams of studying.

The family expressed their gratitude to Sansthan for relieving their burden of anxiety and allowing Ragini to live a more comfortable life. They thanked the philanthropists who have been watering this tree-like organization.