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A pre-mature girl was born 12 years ago in the house of Santosh Kumar Agrahari, a resident of Mahul village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Her legs had curvature in the knees and toes. Seeing this the whole family including the parents went into mourning, but what could they do? Then they started taking care of the daughter.

The daughter was named Pragya Kumari. When the daughter was four or five years old, she was admitted to the nearest school. There was a lot of trouble in daily commuting to school, as the parents had to do household chores and outside work. And it was necessary to have one person to take care of her. The daughter was now 12 years old. Along with the upbringing of the daughter, the parents got tired of wandering for treatment, but there was no satisfactory answer from anywhere. For the treatment of the daughter, they also visited the hospitals of Mumbai, Lucknow and nearby hospitals and did a lot of physiotherapy, but there were no possibility of recovery from here too. And due to this situation, Pragya’s studies were also left in the middle.

Father is taking care of five family members by running his own chips agency and mother Sarita Devi is working as a housewife. Then a differently-abled person from his village came to the village walking comfortably after getting treatment for his feet at Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur, and seeing this, a ray of hope appeared. Then after taking information from him, in April 2022, the parents came to the institute with Pragya. On 27 April, both legs and knees were successfully operated on, and then two months later, on 2 June, the plaster bandage was opened again. For the third time, both feet were measured on 18 July 2022 and special calipers and shoes were prepared and worn on 21 July.

Doctor AnkitChauhan tells that Pragya is now healthy and fine, very soon she will be able to walk comfortably.The parents express their feelings saying that they were overjoyed to see Pragya standing upright on both feet. The institute has given new life to the daughter and us.