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Overcoming disability, Phoola is now learning sewing skills to become self-reliant…

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Success Story : Phoola


Ten years ago, Phoola Khushwal (25), a resident of the village of Gadhi-Padaria in Panna district, Madhya Pradesh, suffered a crippling injury that left one of her feet deformed, causing her considerable distress. Walking was a struggle due to the deformity in her foot. However, in recent days, much of her discomfort has been alleviated thanks to the convenient caliper provided at the Narayan Seva Sansthan, leaving her visibly content.               

Phoola was managing household chores, lighting the chulha (stove made of a metal box) when she stumbled over and spilled oil from the mitti ka tel (clay pot) onto her right foot, setting her clothes on fire. Before the accident could turn grave, her brother rushed to extinguish the flames, but her foot was severely burnt. She underwent treatment for a month in the hospital, but due to infection in the burns, her foot developed deformity. Turning her foot into a twisted shape made walking even more difficult. She received treatment in nearby hospitals, but to no avail. Her daily routine and school attendance were also affected.

During this time, her mother passed away. Her father and brother made every effort to shield her from grief. However, a villager informed them about Narayan Seva Sansthan, where free treatment, appliances, calipers, and information about artificial limbs are available. In February of this year, Phoola accompanied her brother to Sansthan. Here, specialists examined her and deemed surgery ineffective but arranged for a customized caliper, which allowed her to stand and walk with ease. She is also undergoing a three-month free training in sewing here to make her self-reliant. Phoola and her family are deeply grateful to the Sansthan.