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Success Story : Chandrashekhar


There was an atmosphere of happiness in the family and relatives since the birth of a son ten years ago in the house of Dinesh Kumar, a resident of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. There was a pleasant atmosphere at the arrival of the son. Father is a soldier in the Indian Army posted on the border of India. With the feeling of patriotism in mind, the parents named the son Chandrashekhar.

Chandrashekhar was now one and a half years old, everything was going well and suddenly his health deteriorated, the whole body was aching with a high fever. Chandrashekhar was taken for treatment, after investigation it was found that the child had become a victim of polio, and after a few days the situation started deteriorating. Went to many hospitals for treatment, but there was no chance of recovery from anywhere. With the passage of time, the left leg became crooked from the knee. Even after Chandrashekhar was four-five years old, he did not get any treatment from anywhere. He got admission in a nearby school, but due to the disability, it was very difficult to commute to and from school and do his daily work.

A few days ago, he had received information from two people of the same village that free polio operation is done by Narayan Seva Sansthan located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. There was a ray of hope after hearing about the treatment and institution. Uncle Manvendra immediately brought nephew Chandrashekhar to Udaipur Institute on 20 June 2022. After examination by the doctor here, a successful operation of the left leg was done on June 24. On being called again after about a month, he came on 28 July and on 29 July the plaster was opened. Now the curvature of the leg is completely cured. On August 1, Chandrashekhar was given special calipers and footwear, as well as training in walking.

The family members are very happy to see that Chandrashekhar is completely healthy and happy. He has started walking comfortably on his feet.