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Artificial leg brightens the life of Bhumi…

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Success Story: Bhumi Yadav

Bhumi Yadav, a 5-year-old resident of Neem ka Thana in Rajasthan, faced the challenge of a 10-inch shorter left leg from birth. This not only caused difficulties in standing, sitting, and walking but also raised concerns about potential issues with the other knee. Her grandfather, Shesharam Yadav, shares that although the family was initially joyous at Bhumi’s birth, the persistent happiness waned upon discovering her leg abnormality.

The family, determined to do everything possible for their daughter, immersed themselves in her upbringing. However, the burden was immense. The turning point arrived when they learned about the free distribution of artificial limbs and corrective surgeries for polio at Narayan Seva Sansthan. Without wasting any time, on November 5, 2023, Bhumi’s grandparents brought her to the Sansthan in Udaipur.

Specialist doctors at the Sansthan examined and measured Bhumi’s leg. On November 9, a high-quality Narayan Limb was prepared, and she underwent training for walking independently. Bhumi, now standing comfortably on her own feet without any support, fills her family with joy. Expressing gratitude, her relatives mention that the Sansthan has illuminated Bhumi’s life, dispelling the darkness that initially surrounded her.