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Badal regained his lost leg and hope!

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Success Story : Badal

Manoj Sahni, from Kaptanganj, Uttar Pradesh, feeds his family of six by providing transportation in auto rickshaws. Badal, his 14-year-old son, was playing on the porch of his home when a speeding, out-of-control SUV slammed into the gate, and in this dangerous accident, Badal was badly injured in this tragic incident. He was taken to the nearest hospital, where the medical staff advised him to seek care at another facility with better facilities for his treatment. The surgeon had to amputate his left leg, remove it, and implant a steel rod in his right leg. The family, already struggling financially, fell into a financial crisis because of Badal’s medical bills.

After this tragedy, Badal’s life quickly came to an end. One happy person who was very regular in his education and enjoyed football games with friends had to forsake everything. His family had to assist him in moving and walking. The parents were worried about his life and couldn’t bear to see his sobbing face.

After a few years of hardship and grief, they found out about Narayan Seva Sansthan from Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad and Amar Ujala newspapers. His parents took him to a Narayan Seva Sansthan camp in Gorakhpur on September 30, 2022, where measurements of his left leg were taken for an artificial limb; after a month in the next Gorakhpur camp, he was provided with a free artificial leg, and training to function with the limb. Now Badal can walk without any help or support, and he is also pursuing his hobby of playing football. Sansthan has given their son a new leg and raised hopes for his future. The parents are extremely grateful to Sansthan for giving him that chance.