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Babli's Transformation
after 19 Years of Struggle

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Destiny cast an unwitting shadow over Babli Kumari’s life, making her a victim of polio at a tender age and snatching away the comforting presence of her parents. Her story, though filled with sorrow, is also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Babli, now 24 and a resident of Bihar, recalls her life with tears in her eyes. At the age of five, a fever struck her, and the cruel hand of polio paralyzed both her legs. Tragedy struck twice when, within a few months, she lost both her parents. Left in this dire situation, her aunt and uncle stepped in to provide support, but her physical disability due to polio thwarted her dreams of education.

“I alone know how I have lived these past 19 years,” Babli says, her eyes filled with tears and her voice filled with emotion.

Then, one day, hope arrived in her life through social media. Information about Narayan Seva Sansthan and their free polio corrective surgery and services reached her, promising a new lease on life. In 2020, Babli made her way to Sansthan.

Specialized doctors examined her legs and proceeded to perform surgeries on both legs. After nearly a year of treatment, Babli found relief from the burden of her debilitating condition. With the aid of calipers, she regained the ability to stand and walk.

But Sansthan did not stop at physical rehabilitation alone. It empowered Babli to become self-reliant. Alongside providing free surgery and sewing training, Sansthan offered her an opportunity to work at the Narayan Sewing Center, where she not only earned a living but also saved for her future.

Babli’s gratitude toward Sansthan knows no bounds. “Sansthan not only gave me the ability to stand on my feet but also the courage to truly live; the love and support that I missed from my parents, I found here. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to this organization that liberated me from my disability, made me self-reliant, and bestowed upon me a new identity in society,” she says. Babli’s life transformed from one of shadows to one filled with the bright colors of hope and self-sufficiency.