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Aniket got a new self-reliant life!

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Success Story : Aniket

Aniket (23), born in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, faced the challenges of polio from a young age. His attempts to walk were met with difficulties, and maintaining balance proved to be a constant struggle. The circumstances changed when he received assistance. Sushil Kashyap and Rekha Devi, Aniket’s parents, vividly recall the joy surrounding the birth of their first child. However, this joy turned to sorrow upon discovering Aniket’s congenital polio. As he grew older, the challenges mounted, and he became a victim of societal mockery, especially at school, where children would taunt him relentlessly. Walking even a short distance was fraught with the risk of stumbling.   

Despite numerous treatments, Aniket’s condition showed no improvement. In the past year, a ray of hope appeared when they learned about Narayan Seva Sansthan’s free Polio check-up and Narayan Limb Distribution Camp in Saharanpur. Subsequently, on July 4, 2022, Aniket visited the Udaipur branch of the Sansthan. Following successful operations on both legs, Aniket can now stand and walk without support. Expressing his newfound freedom, Aniket stated that he no longer fears falling and can navigate without assistance. Encouraged by this transformation, in August 2023, Aniket returned to the Sansthan with a desire for self-sufficiency. The Sansthan provided him with free quarterly computer training, enabling him to become self-reliant.

Aniket and his family are immensely grateful to the Sansthan for not only eliminating his disability but also for bestowing upon him a new, independent life. They extend heartfelt thanks to the institution, remaining forever appreciative.