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Social Rehabilitation

Marriage, in social terms is a parameter of social status and social recognition. Generally people do not accept 'differently abled' boys or girls as their life partners. Most of these generally belong to backward, tribal, rural belts or those who are from economically poor background.

It is 'Narayan Seva Sansthan' that has taken initiative in removing this hindrance. The organization has succeeded in organizing a total of 29 mass marriage ceremonies during last 18 years for marriageable young 'differently abled' and poor boys & girls. Till date, 1298 such pairs have been tied in the lifelong knot of marriage through these ceremonies. It is significant to note here that all couples are leading happy married life. Most among these got rid of their physical disabilities at the hospital of the organization itself by undergoing successful corrective surgeries over there and have turned self-dependent through completion of  training in various spheres viz. computer, hardware, mobile, swing etc. and that too at the organization itself.

Marriage of 'Differently Abled'