13 December 2022

How does the cycle of poverty keep people poor?

Poverty is often known as a vicious cycle which tends to restrict the upliftment of poor individuals, states or countries. According to Professor Nurkse, the vicious circle of poverty is ‘a circular constellation of forces tending to keep a poor country in a state of poverty.’

Even in a country, like India which has been showcasing tremendous growth in its economy over the past few years, the cycle of poverty is still prevalent.

Hence, the question that arises here is how in an economically developing country like India, the cycle of poverty is still succeeding in keeping the people below poverty line? 

Here are the few reasons behind it-

  • Lack of access to clean water, hygienic food, and sanitation

According to the 2019 NITI Aayog report, 75% of households in India have no access to clean water. Apart from that, the recent SOFI (State of Food Security and Nutrition in the world) report estimated around 40.6 percent of the population suffering from food insecurity. Such alarming figures are a clear indication that many people in the country still lack the basic amenities to lead a decent life. 

Due to this, the health of the underprivileged people are always at the risk of under productivity. This leads them to generate little to no income for themselves which, as a result, will restrict their upliftment and stop them from rising above the poverty line. 

Apart from under productivity, improper and unhygienic food, water and sanitation can lead these underprivileged sections to the risk of diseases, which will again play a role in increasing their money-related stress.

  • Lack of education

The National Survey of India report (2022), stated the literacy rate of India to be 77.7%. This percent does indicate that there is a great improvement in the education sector of the country, however, it still has a long way to go. 

There are millions of underprivileged people in the country who lack the access to basic education. Without proper education, they often have to stick with the limited opportunities and low income jobs. This, in turn, keeps them poor. 

  • Unemployment and low income jobs

Unemployment is one of the major issues that India is facing today.The situation became even more problematic in the 2019 pandemic due to which many poor workers and labourers lost their daily source of income. 

Due to low income and unemployment, it becomes difficult for underprivileged sections of the society to afford the basic amenities, hence, restricting their upliftment.

  • Rich-poor inequality

The State of Inequality in India report estimates a decline of poverty by 12.3 percent between 2011 to 2019. However, the same report also highlights the fact that 0.1 percent of the rich account for 5 to 7 percent of India’s national income.

The World Inequality Database (WID) report of 2021 categorises India in the ‘extreme inequalities country’.

Due to this prevalent gap between the rich and poor, despite the growth in GDP and economy, the poor of the country still remain below the poverty line. 

Apart from this, social conflicts, climate changes and other such issues can also affect the poor of the country and restrict their economic growth. 

Over the years, the government has consistently tried to come up with new schemes and programs that can help poor people in the country. Apart from the government, there are several NGOs for poor people in India like Narayan Seva Sansthan that aims to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society. 

Narayan Seva Sansthan

Donating to an NGO for poor people is one of the easiest and best ways through which one can help the poor and underprivileged people of their country. There are many NGOs for poor people in India that accept donations from the public. One of them is Narayan Seva Sansthan.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is one of the best NGOs in India that has been consistently working towards the welfare of Divyangs and other underprivileged sections of the society. 

Some of their Sevas include –
  • Polio related treatment and corrective surgeries of underprivileged people and Divyangs through their hospitals, 
  • Upliftment of orphan children through their orphanage ‘Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah’, 
  • Quality education to underprivileged children through their Narayan children Academy, 
  • Training and skill development centre called Narayan Shala for Divyang and underprivileged people, and so on.