29 October 2022

What is the best way to help poor children in India?

The problem of poverty has been existing in India for many years. The issue of poverty has impacted many underprivileged lives of women and children in negative ways. The reports have estimated that the country had nearly 9.97 crore children living in extreme poverty in the year 2019. 

There are countless problems that an underprivileged child in the country faces. India has one of the highest child mortality rates with around 1.4 million children dying each year before even turning 5 years old due to causes like pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, malnutrition and so on. 

Apart from that, despite the constitution’s Article 21A, that mandates the basic education of children, millions of them are still not even provided with this opportunity and if provided, the outcomes of learning are very low. According to UNICEF, in 2019, only 42.5% of children in grade 3 were able to read a grade 1 text.

The same UNICEF report also stated India being the only country where girls die more than boys (11% more girls die than boys). 

Apart from poor education and health problems, the issue of child labour is still prevelant in the country despite Article 24 and Child labour (prohibition and regulation) Act, 1986 (later amended to become Child and Adolescent Labour Amendment Act, 1986 in 2016), which prohibits any kind of occupational work of all children under the age of 14.

The government and many other non-governmental organisations have been consistently working towards uplifting these sections. However, as an individual, if you want to contribute in helping these children, there are many ways through which you can successfully do so. 

Here are some of the ways, in which one can contribute to poor children-

Education is one of the biggest help that the underprivileged children of the country can get. There are many NGOs for child education in India which accept donations for providing quality education to these children. Narayan Seva sansthan is an example of this. 

Hence, donating to these education NGOs can be a great way of helping the underprivileged children. Apart from education, you can also donate money to NGOs that work for causes like providing food to the children, their treatment and so on.

  • In kind donations to NGOs and orphanages 

If not monetary donations, in kind donations like books, clothes, toys and so on can be a great way for helping the underprivileged children. You can donate these resources to your nearby orphanages or NGOs. To locate such NGOs and orphanages, you can try googling titles like ‘children orphanage near me‘, Children NGOs nearby and so on. 

Becoming a volunteer at an NGO or orphanage can provide you with an opportunity to directly help these underprivileged children. In order to become a volunteer, you can connect with your nearby children NGOs or orphanages and express your interest in working with them. 

  • Tutoring the underprivileged children 

Apart from donating money to children’s education, you can also personally offer your help to nearby underprivileged children by tutoring them during your free time. 

Other than these ways, collection drives for children, fundraising events for underprivileged children, sponsoring a child and so on could be some of the ways to help these underprivileged children. 

Donation for specially abled and underprivileged children at Narayan Seva Sansthan

If you are someone who wants to donate for child education in India, Narayan Seva Sansthan can be an option for you to consider. 

The sansthan is a globally recognised prestigious NGO that works towards uplifting divyangs and other weaker sections of the society. The sansthan not just works towards child’s education but also has several other offerings for the underprivileged children. Some of them are-

  • Taking care of more than hundred orphans through their orphanage called Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah (more than 3190 children have been benefited through this facility) 
  • A residential school for specially abled children
  • An MR home for mentally challenged children
  • Providing quality education and other educational facilities for the underprivileged children through the sansthan’s Narayan Children Academy and so on. 

To know more about the sansthan and their offerings, you can click here!