18 September 2023

Get Benefits on Tax Deduction Under Section 80G

Every taxpayer’s financial management strategy must include tax planning. The Indian government promotes philanthropic giving by providing tax advantages on gifts made to specific charities under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. This provision enables taxpayers to deduct the amount of their donations, lowering their taxable income and, ultimately, their tax obligation. In this post, we will look at Section 80G’s tax deduction advantages, how it operates, and the essential considerations you should make to get the most of it.

Understanding Tax Deduction Under Section 80G:

The Income Tax Act’s Section 80G was created to promote charitable giving. Donations made by taxpayers to authorized charity organizations and trusts are eligible for tax deductions on the amount given. Only donations given to organizations that are registered under Section 80G are eligible for these deductions.

Eligible Donations Under Section 80G:

It is essential to make sure that donations are given to recognized organizations in order to receive tax benefits. Here are some crucial guidelines:

a) Donations to specified funds and charitable institutions qualify for deductions under Section 80G.

b) Not all donations are eligible for tax benefits, so it is essential to verify the organization’s registration under Section 80G before making a contribution.

c) Contributions made in cash exceeding Rs. 2,000 are not eligible for tax deduction benefits under Section 80G. Hence, it is advisable to make donations through banking channels or cheques.

Tax Deduction Benefits Under Section 80G:

Taxpayers can avail different rates of deduction based on the nature of the charitable organization and the donation made. Here are the key points to note:

a) Donations to institutions that provide relief to the poor, promote education, or support rural development are eligible for a 100% deduction. This means the entire donated amount can be claimed as a deduction from the taxable income.

b) Donations to specific funds and organizations, such as the National Defense Fund, Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, and certain notified charitable funds, are also eligible for a 100% tax deduction.

c) For donations made to other charitable institutions, the deduction is limited to 50% of the donated amount. Therefore, if you donate Rs. 10,000, you can claim Rs. 5,000 as a deduction from your taxable income.

Limits on Tax Deductions:

While the tax benefits under Section 80G are generous, there are some limits on the total deductions that can be claimed. Here’s what you need to know:

a) The total deduction claimed under Section 80G cannot exceed 10% of the taxpayer’s gross total income.

b) For certain donations, the limit is restricted to 100% of the donated amount. This means taxpayers cannot claim a deduction larger than the amount donated for such specific causes.


Claiming Tax Deduction Under Section 80G:

To avail tax benefits on donations under Section 80G, taxpayers need to ensure the following:

a) Obtain a receipt from the charitable institution specifying the amount donated, the registration number under Section 80G, and the organization’s PAN details.

b) While filing income tax returns, accurately report the donation details and claim the appropriate deduction as per the donation type.

Additional Points to Consider:

Before making donations under Section 80G, consider the following:

a) Ensure the charitable institution is registered and has a valid 80G certificate to claim tax deductions.

b) Keep records of all donations made during the financial year to support your claim during tax filing.

c) Familiarize yourself with the different donation options available under Section 80G to make an informed decision.


Donations under Section 80G not only allow individuals to contribute to noble causes but also provide substantial tax benefits. By understanding the eligible donations, tax deduction limits, and the documentation process, taxpayers can optimize their tax planning effectively. Taking advantage of the tax benefits under Section 80G not only reduces tax liability but also fosters a culture of giving back to society and supporting the underprivileged. Remember to verify the credentials of the charitable institution and maintain proper records to ensure a smooth and hassle-free tax filing process. Narayan Seva Santhan is one of the best NGO for donations under 80g.