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Donate for the needy on this auspicious occasion of Ashadha Purnima!

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Ashadha Purnima

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In Sanskrit, a full moon is referred to as a Purnima. The lunar calendar states that each month is marked by the full moon or Purnima. The fifteen-day periods known as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha can be used to divide each month into two equal sections. Shukla Paksha refers to the initial fifteen-day shift. The night of the full moon occurs on Purnima, the last day of Shukla Paksha.  Observing fast on the day of Purnima boosts metabolism and purifies the body’s systems. The removal of darkness to enable us to achieve wisdom and illumination is another emblem of the full moon day. 


Significance of Purnima day 

Purnima is connected to birth, reincarnation, creation, and manifestation, according to the Puranas. The moon completes its orbit around the Earth on this auspicious day, which symbolizes the close of one chapter and the start of a new one in one’s life. On this day, a lot of people recite Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra because it is said that doing so will enable them to fulfill all of their goals.        

It is believed that Lord Vishnu is especially pleased with charitable acts on this day and bestows blessings on his devotees as a result. By donating to the impoverished and Brahmins, one’s poverty is eliminated and there is never a lack of funds. Also, it is a wonderful time to seek the grace of Lord Satyanarayana and Goddess Lakshmi and worship them to bring pleasure and prosperity to one’s life. 


Feed the underprivileged kids this Purnima!

Charity and Dakshina on Purnima day are regarded as fortunate and provide 32 times more blessings than they do on other days. Money, clothes, or food can all be donated on this day. In Sanatan Dharma, feeding the destitute and the underprivileged is considered a symbol of utmost respect. Donation for food not only gives happiness in this life and the next life, but also gives freedom from all sins.         

Narayan Seva Sansthan, an NGO has always been committed to spirituality and compassion. With conviction and devotion, we aid the differently-abled and those in need, especially during festivals and special events. The most significant day of the month, Purnima is equally valued and revered. On this holy day, we shall feed the hungry and orphaned kids, so please join us in this admirable effort.

Make your invaluable contribution to feeding the poor and alleviating their hunger!

Ashadha Purnima

Donate on the pious day of Ashadha Purnima!

Your little donation will provide food for 50 needy, abandoned, and differently-abled individuals.

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