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Mohini Ekadashi !
Help feed differently abled children on this day

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Mohini Ekadashi

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In the Sanatan Dharma, Ekadashi has major relevance. The purpose of the Ekadashi fast is to purify the soul. It is devoted to Lord Vishnu, the realm’s protector lord. Hinduism holds that the lunar phase has two different phases: the new moon, or Krishna Paksha, and the full moon, or Shukla Paksha. Every phase lasts 14 days. The eleventhday is referred to as Ekadashi. Millions of Hindus around the world follow the traditional fast known as the Ekadashi fast on this day.

The regulations for the Ekadashi fast are very severe. One is said to receive the fruit equivalent of feeding thousands of Brahmins by observing the fast on this day. It also purifies one’s mind, body, and soul.


Why is Ekadashi celebrated?

A Goddess that was one of Lord Vishnu’s creations was given the name Ekadashi. Mura had to be vanquished for the sake of peace, according to the tail Demon, and Ekadashi accomplished this. A person who observes the fast of Ekadashi will be able to free himself from all sins and mental impurities and will undoubtedly achieve Moksha, which is regarded by people as one of the benefits of the Ekadashi fast. Lord Vishnu blessed her with this ability after being pleased with her deed of killing the demon. Thus, the Ekadashi fast is one of the most notable and exceptional fasts to date.


Donate on the auspicious day of Ekadashi

After worship, charitable work should be done as much as you can.Since Ekadashi gives salvation, money, happiness, and good fortune, it is a very auspicious day. The attainment of ultimate morality can be aided by donations made on this day to NGOs, temples, Brahmins, and poor people. Food, water, sesame, clothes, shoes, money, an umbrella, fruits, and other necessities should also be donated on Ekadashi day because doing so is a good deed. One who reverently follows the Ekadashi fast and gives liberally to the needy, experiences success.


Donate money on Ekadashi for underprivileged and differently-abled people    

According to Vedic literature, performing dhaan on Amavasya will appease our ancestors. On Ekadasi day, though, it is suggested that Krishna devotees should donate money. Giving someone a new and better life through your donation is the best thing you can do to please the lord. You can accomplish this by making a donation to the Narayan SevaSansthan, an NGO that works to improve society’s underprivileged sections. The Sansthan offers various free services, including free meals, free clothing, free education, free medical care, aid, and appliances.

Your donation will benefit the less fortunate sections who are unable to pay for their treatment, their children’s education, or food. Being able to assist the Sansthan in serving the disadvantaged would prove to be the most fruitful and moral deed on Ekadashi Day.


Mohini Ekadashi

Contribute to feeding famished kids on Mohini Ekadashi !

Your little donation would provide food for needy, abandoned, and differently-abled individuals.

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