14 December 2022

What are the best NGO in Rajasthan which I can join?

Poverty is one of the major issues that India is facing today. This issue has been prevalent in the country for the past few decades. However, on the brighter side, the country has been consistently showcasing an improvement in the poverty reduction.

The Government of India has come up with several initiatives and schemes which have supported the weaker sections of the society and have helped in their upliftment. Other than the government, several individuals, groups and NGOs have been consistently working towards helping the needy. 

However, the goal of eradication of poverty still seems far away. There are still millions of people in the country who struggle to meet the basic requirements for living. The Demographic and health survey data of 2019- 21 estimates that 16.4 percent of the population still live in poverty. 

Just like many other states of the country, Rajasthan also has millions of underprivileged people who require help and support. According to the 2011 Census, Rajasthan is the seventh largest populous state of the country. However, despite a large population, the state had been showcasing great improvement in reduction of poverty. 

As per the estimates of Planning commission (2009- 2010), more than 24 Lakh people have come out of poverty in Rajasthan since 2004- 2005. However, in order to completely eradicate poverty from the state, the need for people to come together and contribute would be necessary. As an individual, there are several ways through which one can help the poor. Some of them are- 

  • Donation to NGOs

Donating to NGOs is one of the most common and easiest ways through which one can help the poor. Donation does not have to be monetary only as one can even donate resources like books and clothes to the poor.

  • Raise funds and hold collection drives

 Holding or participating in fundraising events or collection drives can be a great step from your side to help the poor. 

  • Volunteer in an NGO

If you are someone who personally wants to indulge themselves in helping the underprivileged sections of the society, then volunteering can be a great way for you to do so. You can contact the best NGOs in Rajasthan and express your interest in working with them.

Narayan Seva Sansthan

If you are looking for the best NGO to join in Rajasthan then Narayan Seva Sansthan might be an option for you to consider. The sansthan which started as an NGO in Udaipur, has become one of the best NGOs in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Kota. Apart from these cities in Rajasthan it also has branches in other states of the country. 

Since 1985, this globally recognised Sansthan has been consistently working towards helping divyangs and other weaker sections of the society. Their sevas have empowered the lives of millions of underprivileged people. 

Some of their offerings include –

  • Providing quality education to underprivileged children through their English medium co-educational school called Narayan Children Academy,
  • Taking utmost care of orphan children through their orphanage called Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah, 
  • Providing training and skill development courses to divyangs and other underprivileged people through their Narayan Shala centres,
  • Providing monthly ration kits to poor families under Garib parivar ration yojana
  • Conducting mass wedding ceremonies for divyangs and underprivileged adults, and so on. 

For their noble cause, they require donations from businesses, individuals and other institutions. 

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