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The Joyful marriage of Differently-abled Pintu with Jomaram

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Success Story : Jomaram

In the 41st mass wedding organized by the Narayan Seva Sansthan, Jomaram and Pintu Devi took the sacred vows, becoming life partners bound by destiny. Pintu, born with polio in one leg, relies on the support of a hand to walk. After the sudden demise of her father, her mother struggled to make ends meet through laborious work, making medical treatment unaffordable. Marriage proposals they received turned away, and all of Pintu’s friends had already married. Pintu often found herself sorrowful about her future.

In a similar predicament, Jomaram from Basantgarh faced a life where his congenital disability in both legs and the waist prevented him from standing. When he learned about the Sansthan, he sought help. After a free operation, he began walking with the aid of calipers and crutches. Subsequently, he opened a grocery store in his village for livelihood. Despite his disability, he was deprived of a life partner.

Fate intervened when Pintu and Jomaram met unexpectedly at a village fair. This encounter marked the beginning of a journey that eventually led them to marriage. However, financial struggles made it difficult for them to tie the knot. Learning about the Sansthan’s free mass wedding initiative, they registered and finally realized their dream of marriage on the 10th and 11th of February.