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Spread Warmth This Winter

While we prepare for getting cozy for the chilling November and freezing January, there are many people who do not have the luxury of warmth and coziness in the bitter cold. Millions of people in India are homeless and they have nowhere to go during dire situations such as harsh weather, natural calamities and the pandemic.

Winter is just around the corner and with the chilly breeze blowing, the homeless people are getting more and more concerned about how they are going to survive it this year. With no bed to sleep on and no roof over their heads, they do not know what to do about their situation..

Sukoon Bhari Sardi

Narayan Seva Sansthan, has started an initiative “Sukoon Bhari Sardi” for the deprived. Under this initiative we will distribute blankets, sweaters and winter kits for children. The winter kits will include sweater, wool cap, socks and shoes so that the children do not skip school because they do not have appropriate clothes for the bitter cold.

Every year Narayan Seva Sansthan starts a campaign to help the needy during this harsh weather and we have helped thousands of underprivileged people in staying warm and safe during winters. With your kind contribution, we will be able to keep the tradition alive this year as well for helping the needy.

Spread Warmth

Support us in our initiative to donate 50,000 Sweaters and 50,000 Blankets in Spread Warmth.

  • ₹ 5000/- for
    25 Sweaters for Children
  • ₹ 5000/- for
    5 Kit (Sweater,Woolen Cap, Socks,Shoes)
  • ₹ 5000/- for
    20 Blankets
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