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Service Camps

Our Service Camps are a method to reach out to the people who are in need but cannot reach out to us. We offer free of cost aid to the people that need them. The aids and materials are provided by conducting camps across the country. They are possible with the help of donors and supporters in the respective cities where the camps are conducted. There are many types of camps like:

  • Diagnosis and Surgery Selection camp
  • Aids & Appliance Distribution camp
  • Artificial Limb Measurement camp
  • Artificial Limb Distribution
  • Cloth/sweater/blanket Distribution camp
  • Food Distribution Camp
  • Blood Donation Camp

These camps are conducted for the poor & needy people that are far away from our campus and cannot come for treatment or aids. The major agenda of these camps is to expand the overall reach of our services.


Blanket Distribution -

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Sweater Distribution -

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Blood Donation Camp - 

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Aids & Appliance Distribution camp -

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