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Skill Development

Vocational Training Programs


Narayan Seva Sansthan, a nonprofit organization (NGO) organizes mass wedding ceremonies for the differently-abled and underprivileged where they tie a knot with every ritual and is a huge celebration for the organization, couples, and their families. 


During the ceremony, the couples were given household items and sarees weddings in which over 2,098 differently-abled couples were married. Narayan Seva Sansthan has successfully hosted 34 Mass Wedding Ceremonies since its establishment and has changed their lives and helped them to be a part of mainstream society.


Besides caring for the rehabilitation of the poor, needy, and differently-abled people, we also equip them and their attendants with skills through the computer, mobile repairing, sewing, and tailoring classes. More than 2000 people have been benefitted from it.


Free Computer Course

Basic Computer training along with its various aspects is also provided under our skill development program to Divyang brothers & sisters specifically to those who have undergone treatment at the organization for their polio and other disabilities. 690 people have been trained till date. The course includes knowing computers, operating systems, typing, basic MS office, etc. After completion of computer training, they get well-versed in all the basics related to computer hardware that helps them get a job and earn a livelihood.


Mobile Repairing Course

The mobile repairing course offered by Sansthan enables people in need to become technically sound in repairing mobiles. The course includes all key topics like basic electronics, mobile communication, assembling and disassembling cell phones, the study of ICs, troubleshooting faults. Divyangs get a job after course completion and some choose to open their mobile repair shops. 827 differently-abled people have been given training and have been successfully placed.


Sewing/ Stitching Course

Sansthan provides free sewing training to men and women belonging to marginalized sections of the society to make them well-versed in the stitching and tailoring process. After the training period, they are provided with sewing machines on behalf of the organization on a ‘free of cost’ basis. which enables them to earn livelihood on their own for them and their respective families throughout their life. Narayan Seva Santhan has also distributed 5220 tailoring machines to the people to help them to start their living.