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Economic Rehabilitation

One of the chief aims of us as the Best Charity Organization is to make ‘differently abled’ people economically self dependent. Considering this aspect as a priority, training in various fields viz. computer hardware, mobile repairing, sewing etc. is being provided ‘free of cost’ behalf of the organization to these deprived ones. As a result, these brothers and sisters turn economically self dependent and earn their livelihood on their own. Tools and other raw material required for the same are also being provided 'free of cost' on behalf of the organization. In addition, vegetable contained lorries are also provided 'free of cost' to poor people so that they may turn economically self dependent.


Computer Training


Computer training along with its various aspects is also provided ‘free of cost’ on behalf of the organization to ‘differently abled’ and poor brothers & sisters specifically to those who have undergone treatment at the organization for their polio and other ‘by birth’ physical deformities. As a result, they get well-versed in all the systems relating to computer which in turn makes them self dependent.





Mobile Repairing


Mobile repairing training is also provided “free of cost’ to the ‘differently abled’ & poor people so as to enable them to become technically sound in repairing the mobiles and become economically self dependent during their life by starting their own shops/concerns/business relating to mobile repairing.





Sewing Training

Sewing training is provided ‘free of cost’ on behalf of the Non Profit Trust to men/women belonging to the poorest of the poor sections of the society with a view to make them well-versed in swing process. At the completion of the training period they are provided with swing machines on behalf of the organization on a ‘free of cost’ basis. which enables them to earn livelihood on their own for them and for their respective family members throughout their life.