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NGO for Orphans
Shelter Home For Orphans

Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah- Orphan Foundation

Narayan Seva Sansthan has an orphanage named “Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirashrit Balgrah”. It was established in 1990, with a view to take utmost care of children without parents. It has hundreds of children in number who are being provided with free of cost food and facility of lodging, boarding, clothing, education, stationery material and other basic amenities of life. These orphan children are in the range of 1 year and 18 years. In addition, 3145 such children have been properly taken care of in different regions of Udaipur. Thus, our orphan foundation has succeeded to a great extent in connecting these children with the mainstream society.

Shelter Home for Orphans and Destitute Children

This Balgrah (NGO for orphans) also has a “Residential School” for those who are physically or mentally challenged in any way. This resident school in Udaipur has free of cost education and boarding school facility for children whose listening, speaking and/or hearing is impaired. We have well trained and qualified teachers for these children that use best practices and techniques to impart quality education to these children.

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