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Serving Nutritious Food to Malnourished Children

War Against Malnutrition

Udaipur is one among the many districts where child malnutrition is severe and also a major underlying cause of child mortality in the district. In Udaipur, it is expected that approximate 1000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. This is almost 2.08 percent of children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). According Global Hunger Reports malnutrition directly or indirectly results in deaths of huge numbers of children every year, which transits into one child death every 10 second.

Annadan Mahadaan- An Initiative to provide children with nutrition

Narayan Seva Sansthan is one of the best NGOs that work for ending malnutrition in India.

We took a mission along with the District Collector of Udaipur Smt. Anandi Ji. In this campaign, we are providing:

  • - Multivitamin nutritional food packet which contains multigrain wheat, Moong Dal, Rice, Sugar, Iodine SALT, Soybean Oil and Biscuit Packets.
  • - During this campaign, follow-up will be taken fortnightly and post proper check up will provide one more food packet and this process will continue for 3 months.
  • - Camps will be organized in 5 different places in every 15 days.
  • - Food will be provided to 800 malnourished families in Udaipur District.
  • - A Target has been set to distribute 4000 food packets initially. Further will expand this from one district to another and will do it across all over INDIA.

With the help of people like you, we can brighten huge number of CHILD FUTURE. Give your support and help us to eradicate the child malnutrition in India. Donate Now