04 March 2023

A wonderful “Roti, Kapda aur Swasthya” Mahadaan Camp concluded in Alsigarh village!

The “Roti, Kapda aur Swasthya” Mahadan camp was held on February 24 in the Alsigarh village, 30 kilometers from Udaipur (Raj), with the intention of helping those in need in the impoverished area. Together with Director Vandana Agarwal and her team, the donors associated with the Sansthan participated in this aid camp and expressed their delight at seeing Sansthan’s core belief of “Nar-Seva Narayan Seva” put into practice.

There were 25 bags of wheat, 200 sarees, 200 dhotis, 1000 sweaters, 1000 blankets, 10 cartoon cookies, 200 kurta pants, 200 shoes, 200 socks, 200 slippers, 200 soaps, 200 caps, and 1500 food packs distributed in the camp. Together with performing health check-ups, the team of skilled physicians also gave free medicines to the impoverished locals.The kids gathered were given toothbrushes and toothpaste after cleaning their teeth. All the kids had their hair cut after which they were bathed and given new clothes. Thousands of underprivileged people benefitted from the camp’s successful completion.