23 May 2023

Honorable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Visits Narayan Seva Sansthan, Advocates for Equal Opportunities for the Differently-Abled

The Honorable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot graced Narayan Seva Sansthan with his presence as he inaugurated the Narayan Limb Measurement and Distribution Camp. During his visit, he interacted with the beneficiaries. President Prashant Agarwal demonstrated how prosthetics aid amputees, showcasing the organization’s transformative impact. In his speech, Chief Minister Gehlot highlighted the Rajasthan government’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to the differently-abled community. He applauded the efforts of Narayan Seva Sansthan in extending a helping hand to those in need and expressed his respect for the founder, Kailash Agarwal “Manav,” and President Prashant Agarwal for their remarkable contributions towards improving lives. Chief Minister Gehlot’s visit not only reinforced the enduring bond between himself and Narayan Seva Sansthan but also showcased the government’s determination to foster inclusivity and empower individuals with disabilities.