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Best NGO in India

‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ was established in the year 1985 with the motto ‘service of humanity is service of god’. Today, the various ‘free of cost’ services of the organization are executed through its 480 branches in India and 49 branches abroad,this is reason we are considered as the Best NGO in India. Patients in the range of 300 and 400 in number are being diagnosed on a daily basis at its hospitals. On addition, we have other departments who are working efficiently in contributing towards the goals of organization.


The prosthetics and orthotics department is responsible to provide modular limbs to the patients who takes merely two to three days and ensures good quality and proper fitness. The corrective surgeries of 80-90 patients suffering from polio (formerly and ‘by birth’) are done daily at the hospital of the patients. These patients are from various parts of the country and abroad. The organization has an 1100 bedded hospital in Udaipur which is comprised of modern equipment of international; standards and excellent technology. Till date, the organization has succeeded in conducting 418750 ‘free of cost’ corrective surgeries of patients suffering from polio and other ‘by birth’ disabilities. In addition to the treatment, the patients admitted at the hospitals of the organization are provided with ‘free of cost’ lodging and boarding facilities, etc. along with their respective attendants. Lodging our patients and their families tell us that they have a wonderful experience when they come to our hospital at Badi. Every day we provide with free tea and coffee, and free meals twice a day to about 4500 patients as well as their attendants.


Daily approx. 100 people are provided with ‘free of cost wheelchair, hearing aids, calipers, crutches, artificial limbs. By the grace of god till date we have been able to support more than 8 lakhs ‘differently-abled’ people by providing them with wheelchairs, approx 2.60 lakhs ‘differently-abled’ people have been distributed tricycles and 3.65 lakhs persons have been provided with calipers all free of cost.


At more than 23 locations across India we have very rich physiotherapy centers, where people with cerebral parsley and other disabilities are cared for.


The ‘differently-abled’ persons, particularly in rural India, are poverty-stricken. So, ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ thought something more has to be done to end the vicious circle of poverty of the ‘differently-abled’ persons. ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ started various Vocational Training centers where, professionally qualified trainers impart ‘free of cost’ training on computer hardware training, mobile repairing training, sewing, etc. It is a place where people can achieve their maximum potential. Till date, 2391 people have been benefitted from our ‘free of cost’ vocational training programs.


Just think, an awful, debilitating and painful condition of differently-abled persons to whom we provide ‘free of cost’ corrective treatment is a big difficulty for them to find a suitable life partner who accepts them with their disability. Not just because they are ‘differently-abled’ but because they are also economically backward.


‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ in order to socially rehabilitate the ‘differently-abled’ persons and poor young boys and girls irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion arrange for ‘free of cost’ mass wedding ceremonies. Since the past 18 years, we have conducted 33 ‘free mass marriages’ events till date and have given the most memorable moments of life to about 2051 couples.


Even after 72 years of Independence about half of the Indian children under the age of 14 years are deprived of education. In such a scenario educating the mentally retarded, deaf and dumb and blind children belonging to poor families is not thought of. Keeping this in mind in 2015 ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ laid the foundation of ‘Narayan Children Academy’ a residential school at Badi, Udaipur, with a view to providing ‘free of cost’ education to the mentally retarded, orphan, deaf and dumb and blind children. Till now more than 900 hundred orphaned and poor children from rural and tribal areas have been provided digital education here and connected to mainstream society.