Please help Neeraj - Brain Clotting (Brain surgery )

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₹7 Lakh

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27-year-old Neeraj Sejwal was living a normal life in a city like Delhi, suddenly one day Neeraj got a problem in the brain and reached the hospital to see Dr. There when Dr. told that a blood clot has formed in the brain and he will have to undergo an operation which will cost Rs 7 lakh, but it was not possible to raise so much money by staying in a rented house in Delhi and doing a private job.Neeraj's job also went away due to this disease. Neeraj started thinking about how to take care of old parents and children at home, he also started worrying about his treatment. Neeraj started roaming around in search of some help, when Neeraj got information about the Narayan Seva Sansthan by someone, Neeraj without any delay made the Sansthan representative aware of his pain.

Yes, we all know the value of a life. Urge you to kindly help him.

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